Gang Name: Gangster Two-Six

Affiliation: Folks

Colors: Beige and Black

Symbols: Gangster Rabbit with Right Ear bended, Heart Diamond, Clover,

Sayings: Amor de Conejo


Ethnicity: Mainly hispanic

AKA: G26N, Gangster Two-Six,Two-Six, Bunnys,TSW, Two Six World 

Information: The Gangster Two Six started in Chicago about 30 years ago in a city called Little Village. The gangs biggest rivalry is the Latin Kings. Between these two vicious street gangs there has been stats that show 8 murders and over 20 shootings. During the 1960s the Two-Six had picked battles with the Kool Gang, Ambrose and Satan Disciples. David Ayala a famous 18 year old two six shot two Latin Kings on January 1983 and was sentenced to life in prison. During the 1980s and 90s the Two Six were growing at a fast rate. In 1996 the Two Six went to war with a small set of Gangster Disciples and won. As of now Gangster Two Six are dominant South Side gang and are known to shoot on site.

Sets: 24th to 26th, Kostner to Pulaski "Darkside"

         24th & Karlov "Two Four Karlov"

         25th & Keeler "Two Five Keeler"

         27th & Keeler

         27th & Tripp

         28th & Kolin "Ghetto Side"

         28th & Komensky

         30th & Kedvale "No Love Side"

         32nd & Karlov

         24th & Avers

         26th & Avers

         27th & Avers

         30th & Harding "Harding Two Six"

         30th & Hamlin

         30th & Lawndale

         30th & Pulaski

         31st & Avers

         Cicero, IL (Parkholme Two Six)

         16th to Cermak rd, Laramie to 51st Ave

         18th & 51st

         21st & 50th ct