GANG NAME: Insane Gangster Satan Disciples


COLORS: Black & Canary Yellow

SYMBOLS: Baby Devil, Pitchforks, Heart with horns and tails, 6 point star

SAYINGS: "Amor De Diablo"

MEMBERS: Thousands

ETHINICITY: Mostly Latino with blacks and whites


INFORMATION: On the South side the Satan Disciples are a dominant street gang. Many Satan Disciples know the SouthSide as "The Devils Playground". SDz always will think of pilsen as their "Motherland" SDz are well known in Illinois for their willingness to shoot to kill and major cocaine and marijunna selling. All over the suburbs of Illinois you will find a SD hood and they can also be found in 20 other states. The Satan Disciples are the only nation to believe in free enterprise, they want to be entrepreneurs.

The gang chose the name Satan Disciples so they can create fear with there enemies. The devil character came from a 1950s comic book. Satan Discples were created by "Devils Disciples" and by Ray in the 1960s for protection against white people.Throughout the 1970s the SDs grew bigger and stronger.In 1978 the Satan Disciples joined the folk nation. After the 80s the SDz wrote a constitution so they could become more organized and handle their money better. The SDz constitution is long but three main rules i remember are no snitching, no rape and no heavy drug usage. The SDs created a structure that started from a President (On top) and Drug Dealers (Near the Bottom).

Insane Gangster Satan Disciples had two main leaders in their nation. Danny "Gizmo" Velencia and King Aggie. These two main guys were known as the famous Satan Disciples of their time. Every Satan Disciple knows who who "King Aggie" is. Whatever Aggie told the Satan Disciples to do it would be done. Aggie brought cocaine into the SDs gang. When Aggie went to prison, Gizmo was supposed to be the leader who would bring the SDz to their prime. Gizmo was down for anything as some Satan Disciples would say. When Aggie was released from prison in April 1995 he was 40 years old and he wasn't getting the proper respect as he thought he should have. Gizmo was being told to become head in command of the Satan Disciples. In November 1995 Aggie had Gizmo gunned down in an alley for trying to rule the SDz. Aggie is now hiding from SDz and now the word is "The Twins" (Larry and Loren Vargas) are running the SDz. They are convicted in jail for drug charges

All information was written by me, but found by some SDz and other sources.


Ainslie & Avers

Devils Paradise Chicago Ave. to Kinzie , Damen to Racine

Erie & Wood

Huron & Ashland

Huron & Elizabeth

Taylor Street , Ogden to California

Evil Side Ogden to 19th , California to Western

15th & Talman

17th & Washtenaw

18th St. & California

18th St. & Rockwell

Oakk Town "Oakley SD's" 18th to 23rd to Western to Wolcott

18th & Oakley

19th & Oakley

21st & Oakley

23rd & Oakley

Hell Zone Cermak Rd. to 26th , California to Western

24th & Rockwell "Two Four Rockwell"

32nd & Lituanica (Bridgeport Homes)

33rd & Paulina

35th St. & Wood "Wild Woods"

42nd & Campbell

44th & Talman

45th & Sawyer

46th & Sawyer

"Hollow SDz" 43rd to 48th , Cicero Ave. to Knox

44th & Kilpatrick

Canaryville 47th to 49th , Union to Halsted

47th & Union

50th & Oakley "Devil Point City"

51st & Wood "Terror Town"

58th & Trumbull

59th Street SD's : 58th to 61st , Central Park to California

59th & Mozart "Murda Town"

59th & Richmond

50th & Sacramento

59th & Spaulding

60th & Central Park

71st & Central Park

Berwyn,IL 21st & Ridgeland

Blue Island,IL 123rd & Maple

Bridgeview,IL 87th & Harlem

Exchange Ave & Wilson "Comissioners Park" Calumet City,IL

Cicero,IL 23rd & Central Ave "Cicero SDz"



Mt.Prospect,IL "Boxwood"

North Chicago,IL



Rock Island,IL



West Chicago,IL




Kansas City,Ks

Kansas City,Mo

Oklahoma City,Ok


Milwaukee,Wi "Mil-Town"


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